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Mar 31, 2010

Would I Like Some Cheese with My Whine?

My babies are still sick. Sam, I think, is on the mend in response to his nebulizer while Lena is at the beginning of what I pray remains only a cold. Sam woke last night for about ten minutes with a coughing fit. Lena woke for two hours around 3:00 am because she can't breathe through her tiny little, mucus seeping nose.

I cannot breathe AT ALL through my big, straight, mucus-blowing nose. It's like two corks are plugging the damn thing up. The amoxicillin and steroid nasal spray are not working fast enough . I fear I will never again know the pleasure of deeply inhaling the fresh smells carried on the waves of spring breezes or the beauty of non-flaking, flesh-colored (as opposed to bright red) nostrils.

If we miss the first warm Easter weekend in Newcomerstown to come along in years (including the pound of bacon I plan to consume and the rolled roast we all plan to devour) because one or more of us get sicker; I will just sit down and cry, which will make my nose clog up more, causing me to blow it more, exacerbating the painful, flaking, redness of my nostrils, which may start up the crying process all over again...

Could I get any more whiny and pitiful, I ask you?

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  1. You go ahead, cry your poor stuffy head off if you want :o) You WILL be at Easter, I have masks you know!