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Mar 5, 2010

Don Henley was made for days like this...

Sunshine is my elixir of life. Below is an excerpt from my book (surely to be revised), inspired by today’s gorgeous weather.

"…I missed my home. One thing I hadn’t missed about Ohio, however, was the weather, which I loathed five months of the year. Gone was the sunshine soaked paradise of beach living and, in its place was Ohio, where winter is a houseguest from hell, perpetually hanging around and sucking the life out of me until my sanity unravels. But just as the last string of lucidity threatens to loosen, the sun shines and winds me back up. That's what makes this place special. Because, while Ohio operates under constant cloud-cover from November to March, when the sun finally does make an appearance, it’s a day not squandered. In a place where even April may bring showers, sun and blizzards all in the same week, the first clear day that reaches a balmy 45 degrees is a day met with tee shirts and gleefully long drives with the windows down, the heater on full blast, and Don Henley singing about 'Boys of Summer', which just may be the most liberating and exhilarating experience in existence to an Ohioan..."

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