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Mar 14, 2010

A Pretty Nice Little Sunday...

Sam loved the rock and roll music at the late service this morning (we just couldn't get it together for the 9:30 service with the time change). Sam was dancing on the pew and clapping his little slobbery hands, Lena was squeeling along to the tunes and kicking her feet, and Rich and I enjoyed Ryan's sermon. It was a nice, reenergizing departure from our usual service.

Then we met Lori and the boys at Bob Evans for a fun, loud lunch. I nursed Lena in the van before we went in, which was a comedy of errors as I crawled (and tripped) over the divider twice, hiked up my dress to my shoulders, nearly dropped Lena on the floor as I struggled to get us situated in the far back seat and then had to compose us both so we could go into the restuarant with no one the wiser. She somehow fell asleep at the table with all the boys poking at her and Sam screaming "Rori" (Lori) and "Ack" (this is what he calls all the boys, Jack, Dylan, and Grant alike) every 5 minutes.

Then it was home and naps for everyone.

That's a great Sunday, if you ask me.

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