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Sep 23, 2010

Photo Op!

We decided to go for a walk one day a few weeks ago when it was still HOT out. Both of the kids love walking around the neighborhood, especially Lena, now that she's a big girl and walks and runs all over (though her walk still closely resembles ET's short-legged wobble).

It took us an hour to get around the block with all the sight seeing (cars and boats parked along the road, dogs in windows, rabbits darting across lawns) and close inspection of neighbors' weeds and crackly leaves starting to fall onto the sidewalks. But I got some great pictures of the kids.

Sep 16, 2010

Tell Me...Why...

Inspired and hysterical from my sister's latest post of whys (see Lori's Side of the Story in my list of blogs), I thought I would add to it with some of the why questions and answers that have been flying through our house lately. Even though the questions vary drastically, the answers always end up the same.

Me: "Sam, you can't just hold the food in your mouth for the rest of your life. Chew it and swallow it, son."
Sam (with a mouthful of chicken): "Why?"
Me: "Because your body needs food to grow."
Sam: "Why?"
Me: "Because that's how God designed our insides."
Sam: "Why?"
Me: "Because he knew what would work."
Sam: "Why?"
Me: "Because he made us."
Sam: "Why?"
Me: "Because God was lonely."
Sam: "Oh. Otay."

Or this one from this morning.

Me: "Stop yelling, Sam. We're right here beside you. We can hear you just fine."
Sam: "Why?"
Me: "Because we have ears that work."
Sam: "Why?"
Me: "Because we're blessed."
Sam: "Why?"
Me: "Because God loves us."
Sam: "Why?"
Me: "Because he made us."
Sam: "Why?"
Me: "Because God was lonely."
Sam: "Oh. Otay."

You can substitute any question in there and, somehow, just like Pastor Will's blue bag sermons, the answer always ends up the same.

Question: "Why do I need to wash my hands?"
Question: "Why is that a rock?"
Question: "Why can't I push Lena down?"
Question: "Why can't I pull on my penis like it's silly putty?"
Final answer (after many answers Sam isn't fulfilled by): "Because God was lonely."

He'll probably end up in therapy because of it, but it works for now, so I'm sticking with it.

Sep 6, 2010

Who's Sam Gonna Call?

We had a lazy Saturday...well, the kids had a lazy Saturday. They played outside (with long pants and jackets on...what?) and set up a fairy land and a pirate ship battle with gremlins. Fun times.

In between playing with the kids, Rich was busy making meals and figuring out why our dishwasher is fritzing out and I made pizza, washed and put aways piles of dishes, vacuumed, cleaned out the kids closets and dressers for Fall.

So, contrary to our limited television rule, we had the TV on in the background while we were playing and working. And guess what was on. Ghostbusters II. Love it!

Lena was napping by then, but Sam loved it too. Right up until the part when Sigourney Weaver screams for her baby, Oscar, who is floating away from her and toward the mean Vigo painting. Sam's little lip started to quiver and he said "Baby, baby? Mommy need baby!" And then he cried.

Oh, it broke my heart. We told him it was pretend and that the mommy would get the baby back in a minute, but he was upset for the rest of the movie.

He's such a sensitive boy. And I know that may not be the most rough and tumble characteristic to be proud of in a boy, but I am proud of this aspect of his personality. I don't want him be a pushover or a sissy, but compassion is something that I've always prayed will become ingrained in my children. And the fact that I'm seeing it in Sam already makes me happy.

Sep 4, 2010

Now That Lena's One...

Now that Lena is a big one year old and all, she's decided that crawling is so 11 months. She's been walking here and there since early August, but it's now her new and favorite mode of transportation. Just watch her make her way through this obstacle course that has become our living room since her birthday. A pro, I tell you. She's walking like a pro...well, more like an old lady with a bad back and stiff knees, but it's still the very cutest thing.

Sep 2, 2010

Lena's 1!

Our baby girl turned one last weekend. I'm in disbelief.

I know people always say "it seems like only yesterday...", but seriously, it seems like about a week ago that she was pulled from my stomach, struggling for breath, wheezing and moaning for the first few hours of her little life. Once they finally gave her to me and let me nurse her, she was fine (modern medicine has nothing on boobie juice). And ever since she been a laid back, pleasant, sweet, funny baby girl who still loves to eat.

I cannot imagine our lives without Lena, and I had serious doubts about having two kids...shoot, I had serious doubts about having one. But God had drastically different ideas than we did and sent us two of his most precious angels. It's such a comfort to know that he's guiding our lives. I would feel so lost without that knowledge.

I cannot imagine Sam's life without Lena. They have become best friends and are so loving and sweet with each other (most of the time). The most recent example was when Sam was having a small tantrum at Lori's this afternoon. Lena saw him sitting on the ground near tears, so she slowly walked over, sat down beside him in the grass, looked right into his face, and smiled. And Sam's tears dried right up and a huge smile spread across his flushed cheeks and they both walked off together, smiling and happy.

I cannot imagine this world without Lena. Like her brother, she makes every day and every place she goes brighter with her big blue eyes and funny deep laugh and sweet personality. The world needs more of what these two have.

So here comes the barrage of photos from Lena's fairy themed birthday. She was surrounded by family, a sweet little tutu and tee shirt Aunt Lori made for her, and fairy wings from Grammy Barker. She got about 2,000 presents from her overly generous loving family, ate two hot dogs for lunch and Aunt Lori's adorable and yummy homemade cupcakes for dessert (yes, she made cupcakes, a tutu and two tee shirts for Lena's big day...can you say best sister ever?).