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Sep 6, 2010

Who's Sam Gonna Call?

We had a lazy Saturday...well, the kids had a lazy Saturday. They played outside (with long pants and jackets on...what?) and set up a fairy land and a pirate ship battle with gremlins. Fun times.

In between playing with the kids, Rich was busy making meals and figuring out why our dishwasher is fritzing out and I made pizza, washed and put aways piles of dishes, vacuumed, cleaned out the kids closets and dressers for Fall.

So, contrary to our limited television rule, we had the TV on in the background while we were playing and working. And guess what was on. Ghostbusters II. Love it!

Lena was napping by then, but Sam loved it too. Right up until the part when Sigourney Weaver screams for her baby, Oscar, who is floating away from her and toward the mean Vigo painting. Sam's little lip started to quiver and he said "Baby, baby? Mommy need baby!" And then he cried.

Oh, it broke my heart. We told him it was pretend and that the mommy would get the baby back in a minute, but he was upset for the rest of the movie.

He's such a sensitive boy. And I know that may not be the most rough and tumble characteristic to be proud of in a boy, but I am proud of this aspect of his personality. I don't want him be a pushover or a sissy, but compassion is something that I've always prayed will become ingrained in my children. And the fact that I'm seeing it in Sam already makes me happy.

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