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Sep 2, 2010

Lena's 1!

Our baby girl turned one last weekend. I'm in disbelief.

I know people always say "it seems like only yesterday...", but seriously, it seems like about a week ago that she was pulled from my stomach, struggling for breath, wheezing and moaning for the first few hours of her little life. Once they finally gave her to me and let me nurse her, she was fine (modern medicine has nothing on boobie juice). And ever since she been a laid back, pleasant, sweet, funny baby girl who still loves to eat.

I cannot imagine our lives without Lena, and I had serious doubts about having two kids...shoot, I had serious doubts about having one. But God had drastically different ideas than we did and sent us two of his most precious angels. It's such a comfort to know that he's guiding our lives. I would feel so lost without that knowledge.

I cannot imagine Sam's life without Lena. They have become best friends and are so loving and sweet with each other (most of the time). The most recent example was when Sam was having a small tantrum at Lori's this afternoon. Lena saw him sitting on the ground near tears, so she slowly walked over, sat down beside him in the grass, looked right into his face, and smiled. And Sam's tears dried right up and a huge smile spread across his flushed cheeks and they both walked off together, smiling and happy.

I cannot imagine this world without Lena. Like her brother, she makes every day and every place she goes brighter with her big blue eyes and funny deep laugh and sweet personality. The world needs more of what these two have.

So here comes the barrage of photos from Lena's fairy themed birthday. She was surrounded by family, a sweet little tutu and tee shirt Aunt Lori made for her, and fairy wings from Grammy Barker. She got about 2,000 presents from her overly generous loving family, ate two hot dogs for lunch and Aunt Lori's adorable and yummy homemade cupcakes for dessert (yes, she made cupcakes, a tutu and two tee shirts for Lena's big day...can you say best sister ever?).

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