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Mar 10, 2010

Day at the Zoo

Planning our day at the zoo sounded something like this.

Me: "It's supposed to be sunny and maybe warm on Tuesday. I might take the kids to the zoo. You should take the day off and we can all go together. Soak up some vitamin D. Get poor Sam out of the house and show poor Lena what the outdoors looks like. Breathe in some fresh air. They might not have a lot of animals out, but there should be enough to keep us occupied for the day. We could go in the morning so we can leave around Sam's naptime. Wonder what time they open...I can pack us some lunch and we can eat by the pond. Doesn't that sound great? I wonder if the polar bears are there yet. I bet Sam will love them. Wonder if Lori wants to go. I'll call her and see. So, what do you think?

Rich: "Sounds good."

I love my husband. I'm a talker, mumbler, verbal meanderer, chatterer, out-loud thinker. He's not. And he doesn't mind that I am (at least he never says he does).

Here are some pictures of our fun, sunny, wonderful day at the zoo yesterday.

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  1. Who's the fat girl in the dirty green shirt? Thanks for a fun day. I just wrote a post about the zoo too, great minds.....