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Mar 24, 2010

Three Beautiful Things

I'm exhausted from staying home from work with poor sick Sam and still healthy Lena, which is much harder work than my office job. So what better time to do a three beautiful things.

1. Sam and Lena both fell asleep on me today. Those precious moments are gone so fast.

2. Trying on my wedding dress (inspired by "Say Yes to the Dress") and finding that it's too big. That's the beautiful thing. The not so beautiful thing is the realization that I must have been fat for my wedding...blagh. Was totally oblivious to that fact.

3. I spent a lot of years questioning and worrying about what my purpose was and asking God to show it to me. He did when he sent me Sam and, later, Lena. My purpose is being a mother. That's the most beautiful thing.

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