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Jun 1, 2012

What's That Sound?

[Too much information alert (although if you're surprised that I'm providing too much information, you must not be a regular here).]

What?  What is that sound, you ask?  Oh, it's just my baby girl's life flashing by at the speed of light, which coincidentally sounds a lot like trickling pee into a big girl potty.

Yes, after another lengthy hiatus from potty training, Lena has peed on the potty once again! 

A little potty training history for those who might have unintentionally (and I'm assuming, now, regrettably) stumbled upon this post: Lena previously pooped on the potty a few times earlier this year, and although I had forgotten until now (because I'm a terrible mother with an even more appalling memory of big events in my children's lives), she had also peed on the potty late last year. 

So, even though last night was actually not her first pee on the potty (as I mistakenly thought it was, which makes me even more grateful that I keep this blog so that their childhoods will have a much deeper and more truthful memory than I would ever be able to retain in my ever-softening brain), we celebrated it as such, complete with a sticker on her nearly empty chart, two M&M's and a call to Grammy Barker. 

I know this is ridiculous, documenting a child's second pee on the pot.  But come on, it's been since October last year since she's done it.  And as I read back over these posts in the near future when I'm (hopefully) in the throes of full-fledged potty training with her, I will be reminded that it indeed happened and that there is hope that it can happen again. 

Two realizations today that make me a little sad:

My mind is getting soft.

And my baby girl is growing up.

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