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May 29, 2012

Our Beach Vacation

I've already posted our first day at the beach photos, so I only have a few more left - about 732 to be exact.  I also have about 90 hours of video, but I'll spare you those five-minute long videos of Lena putting sand in a yogurt container and of Sam running back and forth with buckets of ocean water.  Those are things only our family could enjoy, and even then we'll probably get sick of them.

So I'm attempting to filter here, but there were so many precious moments, so many things I want to remember, so many smiles and laughs and sand-in-the-buttcrack kind of fun that was had.  My family's first beach vacation is chock full of memories that I absolutely have to capture here.  So sit back and scroll until your heart's content. 

5:00 am on the way to Virginia Beach.  Our plan of leaving at 4:00 am so the kids would sleep for 3 or 4 hours on the way backfired. 

They were both so jacked up, neither slept until much later that afternoon. 

At a scenic overlook.

Sam's first step onto beach sand. 

Lena and Sam's beachy feet.

Lena's first step onto beach sand.

My favorite southern grocery store - Harris Teeter.  There was one just a minute from our hotel, so I made Rich take me there to stock up, twice.  Love that place.

Our first morning began very early - 5:30 am.  At least we caught a beautiful sunrise.

Some sandy, beach fun.


King Neptune.

Under the dock hunting for seashells.

Sam's footprints.

Jungle Golf.

Precious napping baby girl.  "She's an angel straight from heaven!"

Lena was a bit unsure of the turtles at the aquarium.

We're a pretty dorky family...


Watch out Sammy, there's a shark behind you!

On our way home, exhausted from a great vacation!

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  1. I love building sand castles! I can see Gavin loved it too. You guys really had a blast, didn’t you? The beach, the mini-golf, and the ocean park are, beyond a doubt, great places to take your kids for a fun-filled day.

    Donna Parsley