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Jun 5, 2012

There Once Was a Doctor and a Princess

We went to Barnes and Noble today after speech and the kids chose books that, per their statements this afternoon, may just be their foray into their chosen career paths. 

Sam's choice: "I want to be a doctor so I can fix the human body".  This book came with a magnifying glass that he has to use to find some tiny body parts and skulls hidden around on each page.  It's actually a pretty cool book for my son, the doctor.

Lena's choice: "I want to be a pwincess, Mommy.", she said as she twirled around with her little outstretched arms and her tiny pinkie fingers lifted, dancing to the tune her new book plays (loudly).  Who knows?  Maybe she will become a princess.  A really smart, compassionate, independent and lovely princess.

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