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Jun 21, 2012

The Shadow

Lori and the boys came over this afternoon for some lunch and some quality time.  The whole scene just made me happy...

Cousins running around together playing, laughing (some crying, too, but I'm not inclined to memorialize that here), the girls in the kitchen for manis/pedis (Lori and Lena went purple!), little ones upstairs playing on the new bunk beds, and some good conversation with the best sister ever. 

As is customary with little sisters all around the world, I sometimes get all tangled up in my head comparing myself to Lori, which is dangerous territory with someone like my sister.  Her home, her cooking, her parenting, her style, her craftiness, her calm outlook, her faith, her health...I mean it's disgusting how awesome she is at everything. 

But those self-deprecating moments don't last long, because Lori has no idea that she rocks at all that stuff.  She's so unassuming, there is no pressure to compete.  She's just her beautiful self living her life honestly and real.  When I'm around her she not only makes me feel happy and light, but I end up feeling better about myself, about my parenting and my home and my life. 

I think I shadow her, just like when we were little and I would follow her everywhere she went (similar to what Sam and Lena do with her boys).  I subconsciously (or not) just want to be close to her.  I went to the same college she did.  After college, I followed her to NC.  Then we both moved home.  Then we both moved to Gahanna.  I mean, shoot, I'm even following her to the pool tonight for dinner.  Ha!

We are different people with different gifts and interests and opinions and lives to be sure.  But the fundamental bond with my sister is such that, when I get to heaven and God asks me what my favorite part of life was, I'll say without hesitation my relationship with my sister was one of the most precious things I experienced.

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