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Jun 24, 2012

Hannah Rae's Wedding

Yesterday Lori, Lena and I headed to Newcomerstown for Hannah Rae's wedding. 

Hannah is like our little sister of sorts.  Lori and Mom started babysitting Hannah's brother, KJ,  when he was the tiniest, cutest newborn baby boy.  And then the most precious little blue-eyed Hannah Rae came singing along into our lives a few years later. 

Mom sat for KJ and Hannah until they were too big to need sitting.  But by then they were already part of our family.  Seriously, we have about as many home movies of them growing up as we do of me and Lori.  Both of them still visit and call my parents often, which makes my mom and dad very happy.  They have both grown up to become outstanding, caring, funny, smart, and absolutely beautiful people.

So, Hannah (aka "Princess Hanna" to Lena) had her lovely wedding yesterday.  It was at a little winery tucked away in the fields and hills near Newcomerstown.  It was a gorgeous setting canvased against the bluest sky, which made for a perfect wedding for the sweetest bride.

Congratulations, Hannah and Doug!

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