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Jan 28, 2012

Third Time's a Charm?

Lena's foray into potty training was in October last year when she peed on the potty for the first time. But after the glow of her initial accomplishment wore off, she was over it and didn't want anything to do with the toilet.

We jumped back into training for a week or so when we were home for the holidays. We even got her big girl underpants and the whole deal. But that was more us pushing than her wanting to try, which resulted in us steam cleaning the carpet a lot. She was totally disinterested. Strike two.

After we got Henry at the end of December, his potty training took precedent (I can only mentally handle potty training one at a time). So Lena's diapers have continued to fill up our garbage can.

Then the other day I saw that glazed look on her face and said "Let's poop on the potty". We ran in and got her on the toilet just in time. I was so excited and she was so proud! She went once more that night, once the next day and once today - all with her prompting.

She'll only poop though - no pee. Which seems strange since Sam was the other way around. But I'm not complaining that I've only changed one poopy diaper in the past four days, so I'll take it.

Will this third round be her charm? Is she getting as tired of those diapers as I am?

Stay tuned.

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