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Jan 3, 2012


Sam's speech teacher's name is Audrey. We love Audrey! She's young and has great ideas and methods. She loves Sam and has done wonders with his speech so far.

We wanted to do something special for her for Christmas. Audrey was very complimentary of a gift we gave Sam's summer speech school teacher when that class was over, so I thought we'd do the same for her on a bigger scale.

Here's how it turned out.

For the front we doctored a photo of Sam holding a thanks and merry Christmas sign.

Sam wrote his own name on the inside of the card.

Then we filled the box with candy and office supplies - a double layer since the box was so big.

She loved it.

It's simple but personal, as we used all her favorite candy and colors. And it's a great idea for teacher gifts (my sister, the teacher, agreed). Pinterest is full of great stuff like this!

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