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Dec 31, 2011


Meet Henry, our new puppy.


One of Rich's Christmas gifts to me was either a puppy or new carpet. Initially, I was leaning toward the carpet - we really need it. And the last thing we need is a puppy.

So of course, we chose a puppy.

We've been talking about dogs on and off for probably a year, trying to figure out when to get one, researching breeds, etc. We'd kind of been off the search for awhile when Rich surprised me with this idea at Christmas. So the search began again.

I found a breed we really liked first, but from researching figured out they were bad with cats. Miles wasn't down with that. Then we found the Havanese. They're small but not tiny (about 15 pounds as adults), sturdy, healthy, playful, calm, not big barkers or yippers, fluffy with non-shedding hair (they have hair, not fur, so they only shed about as much as I do...hallelujah), great with kids, dogs and cats.


A breeder in Mt. Vernon had the sweetest Havanese boy for sale online, so we went up this morning and got him.

Sam picked the name Henry from a list we'd compiled. So Henry it is.

The kids love him. I haven't heard a sound from him so far, and he's peed outside already. Of course he also vomited on my lap on the car ride home and peed on me when I picked him up before he was finished outside too, but let's focus on the positive!

Welcome to the family, Henry!

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