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Dec 28, 2011

Twas Christmas Day

The kids were so excited this year, which made it so special for us, too. I can't imagine that Christmas morning is ever as precious as when your kids are small, when the magic of Santa and Jesus and lights and snow and gifts and late nights and cookies and music creates this tangible buzz within their tiny bodies. It's like electricity. It enlivens you just to be near them.

We taped them opening all their presents, but only broke out the camera after they'd finished.

When Mom and Dad and Lori's family came over for dinner later in the day, I didn't remember to take one photo. But we had a great dinner and opened more presents, if you can believe that. I swiped these photos from Lori's blog.

After everyone left and we cleaned up a bit, Lena sat down on my lap and we both dozed for awhile.

Our blessings are overwhelming, especially on days like that. So much family and food and fun and laughs and love.

God is good.

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  1. Love the pics. Beautiful family Nicole. Miss and love you. And yes, God IS good :)