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Dec 4, 2011

Sam's 4th Birthday Party!

Sam's birthday is December 21st.

It's so close to Christmas that it's hard to figure out how to handle his party. The past few years we've had it once at home right on the day, once at the Japanese Steakhouse a few days before, once at home on Christmas Eve...but it just never seemed separate or special enough.

This year my mom suggested December 3rd and it worked out perfectly.

It was Sam's first party where he invited friends - three buddies from school. Only two could make it, but I think Sam was over the moon to have kids from preschool at our house. They were so sweet and nice, as were their parents. And everyone else we invited came, too. We had a house full of friends and family to celebrate Sam's 4th birthday, a few weeks early. It was a truly blessed day!

It was a Transformer party, of course, since among other friends and family, Sam always prays for Optimus Prime at night before bed.

Since I'm not very creative, I scoured the internet looking for ideas and found some cute things. Like these tin can robots Sam and I made for utensil holders.

And these robot party favor boxes made with candy appendages and a hidden mini Transformer inside. Rich did a great job with these, didn't he?

I made his banner with the Autobot emblem watermarked in the background.

And we found Transformer decals on Amazon and stuck them all over the windows and the walls.

And the piece de resistance, the Optimus Prime head cake. We found the pan on Amazon, too. I mixed up a ton of frosting colors, Rich outlined everything and then we both filled it in...for an hour and a half. It was a lot of work, but totally worth it.

We also had "Computer Chips" aka chips, "Nuts and Bolts" aka white chocolate-covered chex mix, "Ball Bearings" aka grapes, and "Motor Oil" aka chocolate milk.

I think it was a success!

Happy (early) birthday, my sweet boy!

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