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Jan 9, 2012

Eyes Skyward

I'm home with a sick son today. Poor feverish Sammy boy...

Earlier this morning we let Henry out to run around the backyard since it's so nice today. He's just a happy little fluffy furball running and hopping around out there. He's so cute. Like a big bunny.

The hawk evidently thought so too.

I let Henry inside, put him in his crate, and turned to pour a cup of coffee when Sam and I heard a loud thunk on our big windows in the living room. Sometimes little birds hit the windows (though I don't know how because my windows are always filthy), but this sounded much louder than our normal stupid robins.

We ran to the back door to see what it was, and we saw it. An enormous hawk was sitting on our back porch, stumbling around a little, shaking it's head. Then it spread its wings and flew away.

Those wings, I swear, took up a huge portion of our porch. Honestly, I've never seen anything like it. I was like Wild America or something. I never would have thought a bird would be able to pick up a 6 pound puppy, but after seeing it that close, how big its wings and feet were, well, I don't doubt it anymore.

So, I guess we can't let poor Henry outside alone anymore. Like house training him isn't enough of a we have to keep our eyes skyward to stay on guard for puppy predators.

Life in the suburbs...

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