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Mar 27, 2011


Oh, how I love weekends. Here's a glimpse of how we spent the last two...

Last weekend, chilling after church.

And making snickerdoodles.

Notice Lena's braids. French braids. Could she be any sweeter?

This weekend, Sam trying to figure out the pattern on his Leapster game.

Lena snuggled next to Rich, feigning interest in what he's showing her just to be close to her daddy.

Me wearing my ugly comfy socks, still in my pj's after noon. How awesome is that? Sam can't stand to let me take a picture without him in it, so that's why his smiling face is next to my ugly comfy socks.

Sam kneading his adorably giant stinky feet next to me in the big chair as I crochet, incessantly, but sweetly, asking what I'm doing.

My (slow) progress on my Project Linus blanket.

And lastly, the lemon cranberry scones I've been wanting to make all week (photo and recipe from Gina's blog in my "blogs I follow" list). I forgot to add the cranberries at the end, so mine turned into just lemon scones, but they were DELICIOUS! We all dug into them before I could take a picture, but this is now one of my new favorite WW approved recipes!

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