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Mar 13, 2011

Sunny Days, Sweeping the Clouds Away...

Yesterday was the day my kids and I have been craving for months.


We were planning our belated annual Valentine's Day trip to COSI for this weekend but, as soon as we heard Saturday was going to be low 50's and sunny, straight to the zoo we went.

After a quick trip to my friend Heather's craft show, and then some lunch, we got to the zoo around 1:00 and left, with two worn out babies in tow, around 4:00.

It was the perfect zoo day. It was warm-ish and sunny and not very crowded, so the kids could run full speed around the zoo, which they did. It also meant that we could actually see the animals, especially the polar bears, who have remained hidden from us since they arrived last year due to dense crowds. The kids were so excited to see them, as was I. They were very entertaining, diving for fish, jumping off of the rocks into the water - the polar bears, not the kids.

Not much is better than quality family time at the zoo...Thanks, Mom and Dad, for the membership that makes it so easy for us to share this special place with the kids!

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