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Mar 25, 2011


Mom's appointment at the James is today. The story of how she came to the decision to make this appointment is a testament to her faith and how unwaveringly she hears and follows God's guidance. She truly is a remarkable woman.

My mind and heart and PMS-ing emotions are with her today.

Pastor Mike's sermon last week was about praying and how fasting can concentrate your prayers and give you a clearer path to hear God's answers. So I'm trying to do that this morning. I've tried fasting many times, but I don't believe my heart was ever in the right place. But today, thanks to Pastor Mike's leading, I feel like I'm there.

So every time I feel hungry or hear my stomach growl this morning, I'm thinking of Mom and praying that:
  • Mom gets the help she needs at the James
  • God gives her the strength and courage and confidence she needs to conquer this
  • The doctor develops a heart for my mother
  • The doctor makes wise and compassionate recommendations and decisions about Mom's cancer
  • God gives Dad and all of us the strength and courage we need to help and support Mom
  • God gives Dad and all of us the peace and comfort we need to assimilate and deal with this

If you're reading this, please pray for those things, too.

I know I've written about Jonny Lang before and how his Grammy award winning album Turn Around is such a blessing to me. I highly recommend it for anyone in need of a little bluesy inspiration.

There is a song on that album called Thankful that touches me every time I hear it. It reminds us not to judge people; that everyone has things they're struggling with that we don't know about; that if you have people to love and people who love you, you're blessed; that it's so important that we love each other; that if it hadn't been for grace and mercy who knows where we'd be; and that the secret to life is to be THANKFUL.

On this day of uncertainty and hope, I am thanking God for his grace and mercy, for all the blessings and opportunities to grow and to reach others that are intertwined with this life-changing event, and I'm trying to remember to thank him for everything, even struggles and fear, because it makes us lean on our father more - and nothing bad can come from that.

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