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Mar 11, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today is Mom's birthday. Today is a great day.

Today is the day when God said, "I think earth needs this angel more than I do. I think I'll send her down there to do my will each day and to touch people's lives with the love and light she shines so brightly up here. Yeah", God said with a broad smile, "I think I'll bless the earth with Connie today".

And did he ever bless us!

My mom is a saint right here on earth, if you ask me. She isn't perfect - who of us are? But she is about as close to perfection as any human woman on earth has ever been.

She is beautiful. Inside and out. Through and through.

She is compassionate. She gives to others until it, literally, hurts. Her back kills her, she has headaches, sinus issues, weird nerve stuff...but you would never know it. There she is at church every Sunday, children's choir, VBS, babysitting gads of sweet active little ones at her home, driving over here to see us when she's exhausted, visiting her mom every chance she can, supporting my dad's choir and other hobbies. But she's not a martyr. She does this all with a smile and a twinkle in her eyes. She defines compassionate, happy giving. She gives not because she knows she should. She gives because she loves others so much it would hurt her more not to give.

She is forgiving. Lord knows I myself have forced her to forgive too many times. But I never worried whether or not she would. It's just in her.

She is funny. We laugh every time we are together, even if it's not such a happy occasion. And it's because my mother has a wonderful sense of humor. She would not admit this to be one of her strong suits I'm sure, but it is very true statement.

She is smart and sensitive and faithful and loyal and a good listener and an advice guru and affectionate and loving and kind and exceptionally appreciative of her many blessings.

But she is too humble to admit any of this, which makes her even more saintly.

She has given up a lot to raise her family, to be the outstanding mother and wife and daughter and sister and friend that she is. She had dreams just like we all do when we're young. And I'm sure some of those dreams included us and the life she's leading now. And I'm sure some of them did not. As a mother now myself, I am able to recognize that sacrifice a little more. And appreciate Mom a lot more.

So, on this most wonderful of days, I thank God for deciding to bless us all with Mom, to share with us one of his most precious creations.

Happy birthday to my mom, the strongest most nearly perfect woman I know.

Saint Constance has kind of a nice ring to it, don't you think?

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