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Apr 1, 2011


Today is my sister's 40th birthday.

It humbles me that this is the third birthday post I've written just this year where I feel so overwhelmed with blessings that this person is in my life. I've written similar things about my parents and, honestly, I'm not inflating any of these words. Every one is solid and true - my family is really just that outstanding.

To say that I admire my sister is a grotesque understatement. She has always been the woman I hold in highest regard, the woman I try to emulate in values and faith and goodness...and craftiness. She makes me want to be a better me.

So I'd thought I'd share some uninflated, solid and true facts about Lori:

She defines what it is to be the giving mother and supportive wife and thoughtful sister and creative teacher and faithful Christian and loving daughter and fun aunt and dear friend.

Everyone loves her. How could they not? She's funny and honest and beautiful and smart - she's the white Oprah (sans the new-age weirdness).

Lori lights the world up everywhere she goes. And every person she touches is better for having known her.

She's my friend and my sister, and I celebrate this day because she has undoubtedly made this world a better place for the 40 years she's been on it. Wonder how she'll keep that up for at least another 50...

Love you, Lori! Happy birthday!

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