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Apr 5, 2011

Eight Years Ago Today...

Rich and I were at my parents' house. I ran to the florist with my sister (or my mom - I can't remember) to pick up our beautiful tulips and, on the way home, it started to snow. Then Jen came over with her massage table and gave Rich and I massages while my parents' house bustled with the excitement of the day.

Eight years ago today, Rich and I were married.

It was a very small wedding, so there was no stress, no worries, no fear. It was such a calm and joyful day. My face hurt from smiling so much. I just couldn't quite contain it.

When I write small, I mean small. There were about thirty people at the wedding - just our immediate families and our three best friends. Jen's mom, Susan, sang. Miriam played the piano. Dylan was our ring bearer. My sister, who was very pregnant with Jack, was my only bridesmaid. Mark played guitar while we walked down the aisle. Pastor Will, who confirmed me and married my sister, officiated the intimate ceremony. It was just a special day.

I remember waiting to walk down the aisle with my dad. He was making me laugh, as usual, and I kept thinking that I had no doubts. No fears. No cold feet. No sadness or anxiety. I was completely and utterly certain that Rich was the man that was meant to take me from my father's arm. I was more present in that moment than in any other time in my life up to that point.

Even though we didn't have a big shindig, no huge reception with a band and dancing, no overflow seating in the back of the church, no giant wedding party stretching out beside us, no enormous poofy dresses or limos or carriage rides...we had the most meaningful, special, joyful, intimate wedding I've ever been to. And that calm, joyful, meaningful atmosphere has carried over into our marriage.

Our eight years haven't always been smooth. There have been ups and downs just like any other marriage. Fights and misunderstandings, hurt feelings, paradigm shifts, unexpected blessings (aka Sam and Lena). But underneath all the peaks and valleys is a strong and solid and pure foundation. We balance each other. We respect each other. And we really love each other.

Happy anniversary, Rich. I in no way deserve you and this life we've built together. But I love it. And I love you.

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