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Apr 7, 2011

Lori's 40th Surprise Party!

Here are some pictures from Lori's big 40th birthday surprise!

One of the tissue paper globes I made. Lori's "Happy 40th, Lori!" sign. 160 people waiting to surprise Lori. The "family tree" I made with photos of Lori with family and friends. I forgot to get a picture of the "4-0" photo collage I made - it was super cute, too. The cake Stephanie and Marlene brought - so pretty. Waiting... Waiting... Kids waiting... And here she is! Completely surprised! The pinata for the kids...60 kids. Wow. Lori dancing with Lena. Dancing the night away. Sam's favorite Aunt Suzy. Karaoke. Best friends. My cousin's son singing away. Uncle Kenny entertaining Sam. The girls singing. Lena enjoying the pinata candy. My mom and her sisters. The happy couple. One of the kids' tables. More karaoke. Lori and Dylan at the end of the night.

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