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Jun 28, 2011

Family Reunion

We headed up to Chardon last weekend and had such a wonderful visit with Rich's parents. I always enjoy our time with them and this time was no exception. And with the perfect weather, well, it was one of my favorite trips up north!

Lena was in constant motion.

We enjoyed a beautiful cool evening on Saturday night around the chimney.

Lena, still in constant motion as she slips off Papa's lap.

Sam helping Daddy find sticks for the fire.

Lena finally stopped long enough for a quick swing.

Sunday at the reunion, Rich was catching bass left and right, alongside his constant companions.

Sam wanted to hold his own...such a big boy.

Lena didn't want to touch it...such a little girl.

She did want to touch the baby, though. Who could blame her?

Sam wanted so badly to go on the slip and slide, but I was reluctant because I didn't bring his suit. When I finally decided just to let him go in his underoos, he looked up at me with those huge blue eyes wide and said, "Mommy, that makes me soooooo happy!" I've never seen him more excited.

Lena wanted nothing to do with the water, but she was obsessed with the trampoline. She jumped on that thing all day, alone and with her cousins.

Happiness is sitting on Grammy's lap. What's better than that?

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