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Jun 9, 2011


Sam has chickenpox.

Yes, he's had the vaccine. So has Lena.

But yes, he still has chickenpox.

It seems mild - only some itchy bumps on his back and head and a few on his legs and arms (probably no more than 20 total), no fever, a little runny nose. I read that you can still get it even with the vaccine, but it's usually very mild.

Please let that be true.

I gave him a little Benadryl and put some Cortizone on his bumps - he seems comfortable and hasn't itched for a while. Let's hope it stays that way.

Lena has a couple of little red marks on her face this morning, too. But I think chickenpox normally starts on the torso, so I'm hoping hers are just marks, not pox. She'll definitely get it if she's going to, though, because they share drinks and feed each other and kiss and spit and are in each others faces all the time.

They kind of sound like camels, don't they.

I'm praying for quick and easy recoveries for everyone. Won't you join me?

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