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Jun 1, 2011

My Husband

Today is Rich’s 35th birthday! What a great day!

Rich is the last of six kids, quite a few years behind his closest siblings in age. His parents must have been exhausted by then – seriously. But they found the energy to raise this boy who became a man, a real man, an honest man, an intellectual, funny, passionate, handsome, kind, gifted man.

Rich’s mom says that he was an energetic kid, always into something, curious, active, playful. Sounds like his beautiful blue eyes aren’t the only things he passed down to both of his kids.

He’s also quiet and pensive and observant and has extremely interesting thoughts banging around in his head once he decides to talk them out.

Rich is good at everything he attempts.


Music, cooking, woodworking, fathering, husbanding – you name it, he can do it better than most. God spared nothing when he heaped his blessings and gifts on Rich.

The only real problem that he has is recognizing his blessings and his gifts. He thinks he’s just average, just going through life the way a man should which, to him, is nothing extraordinary.

But if you ask me or his parents or my parents or sister or any of my friends, we’ll all tell you that Rich is completely unique and extraordinary and that not many men can measure up to him.

Rich works hard and is good at his job and, most days, likes what he does. On my work days he drops off and picks up the kids, entertains them once they’re home, cooks them dinner and is usually laughing and having fun while feeding them by the time I get home. Never complaining.

He also cooks and cleans and takes immaculate care of our yard, he plays with and disciplines and is goofy with and adores our kids, he loves me and shows me that in every way that I need him to, he builds things and fixes things and takes out the garbage, he runs errands, he listens to metal music and reads computer books and loves learning, he chooses to spend time with us and truly enjoys his family.

He does more and is more than most men.

He is extraordinary.

He’s Rich.

Happy birthday to the biggest blessing God has given me.

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