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Feb 28, 2010

Lena's Baptism

Our sweet baby girl was baptized today, an outward symbol of an inward grace. Baptisms are so special, even though they are purely ceremonial. I believe that every child is born with God’s grace already in them, and they carry that gift with them until they reach their individual age of enlightenment (which is different for everyone). Then they become an intelligent person capable of making decisions, so they must rediscover and reaccept the gift of God’s grace.

But that makes baptisms even more significant. Because it is our way, as parents and family, of celebrating and promising God and our families and friends that we intend to nurture that grace as best we can so our child can have the knowledge and wisdom and heart to find God for themselves. We did that for our baby girl today and it felt so good.

Lena wore what looked like “a little tiny wedding dress”, as the Winger boys described it in their high pitched, I’m-talking-to-a-baby-or-puppy voices. The gown my parents bought for Lena was the most precious I’ve ever seen. She couldn’t have looked more adorable it. She also wore the bracelet and ring that Lori and I both wore at our baptisms and a beautiful delicate cross from Aunt Lori around her neck. She was so laid back about the whole thing, staring up at Pastor Aaron with her big blue eyes as he sprinkled her head with water, and then looking back at me all sweetly. She never made a peep.

Sam was so cute, dressed up in his robot tie and linen blazer sporting his Cons and spiked hair. He never made a peep up front either, just stood there holding Rich’s hand looking at the congregation and up at me a few times. He’s such a loving, sweet boy, so kind to Lena. He of course had no idea what was going on. He was just psyched that Grammy and Papa Barker and the Wingers were here. Imagine his delight if Grammy and Papa Cole hadn’t been snowed in up there in the tundra and were able to join our little party…well, Sam might have just busted at his seams.

Then we all came home and ate cheese ball and brisket and cupcakes and had a quick but fun visit. God bless our loving family. And God bless Lena on her baptism day!

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  1. It looks like Grant and Sam are evil-eyeing each other in the family picture. LOL.