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Feb 15, 2010


Tulips are my favorite flower. Their blooms usher in spring and Easter and the smell of warming earth as the days get longer and green returns to our world. They are also one of my mom’s favorite flowers – she planted them around the outskirts of our lawn so that they pop up splendid splashes of color when the weather turns temperate. I carried all colors of them, long-stemmed and wrapped with ribbon, on my wedding day as I let go of my father’s arm and took my husband’s. And Rich gets them for me sometimes, like yesterday for Valentine’s Day, because he remembers they are my favorite…

With the myriad things he has on his mind, on his schedule, he always remembers that tulips are my favorite. He always tells me he loves me. He always plays when Sam wants to, even for the 1000th time. He always smiles at Lena when she’s gazing at him, even when he’s exhausted from a long day. He always kisses me goodbye in the morning and hello in the evening. He always cooks scallops perfectly. He always spends his time with us. He’s always patient with me and my neuroses. He always does the laundry when I just don’t have the energy. He always feeds Sam his dinner. He always works hard to provide for us. And he always has enough of himself left for us afterward. He always loves us.

He’s the most compassionate and doting dad. He’s the most loving and respectful husband. He’s Rich. He’s the greatest.

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