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Feb 19, 2010

I’m Baking…I Bake…I’m a Baker

In the vein of What About Bob’s exclamation that ‘he sails, he’s a sailor’; I join him in my own declaration: I BAKE. I’M A BAKER!

I’m a good cook. I can follow a recipe, and I have a good grasp of how to mingle savory ingredients to create good food. And I enjoy cooking. But I’ve never baked. Until now, that is.

After many years of professing my non-baker status to the world, and a few more years of shamefully baking only pre-made cookie dough, I am proud to announce that I’ve tapped out my first bottle of vanilla from actual baking as opposed to expiration. So far I’ve only made cookies from scratch - peanut butter chocolate chip, regular chocolate chip, sugar cookies – no muffins or brownies or anything fancy like that. But the fact that my cookies are turning out this well is giving me confidence that I could possibly venture farther into the realm of from-scratch baked goods such as cakes or, dare I say, pies. I mean, I made icing today. And it was good. I’m tooting my own horn here but, whatever – I should have my own show already. TOOT TOOT!

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  1. I have a wonderful pumpkin chocolate chip muffin recipe when you feel ready to pull out the big guns.... you go girl!