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Feb 4, 2010

Gross Boobies and Awesome Scars

Lori and Jack went to OSU today to get Jack’s hernia incision checked out. He got a good report! Jack showed me his scar when they got home. When I told him it looked like a smaller version of my c-section scar, he wanted to see it. Upon that unveiling, he said it was big and awesome – we bonded sharing our war wounds.

Earlier, while I was nursing Lena in the playroom, Grant got really close to my face and asked why I was feeding Lena out of my stomach (yes, my boobs hang so low now that my 3 year old nephew thinks they’re on my stomach). I told him that God gave mommies milk in their boobies so they could feed their babies. He said “Oh”, like that explanation made sense to him. And then made a face similar to the expression Mr. Parker wore during the ‘mommy’s little piggy’ scene in A Christmas Story and said in his loud, squeaky voice, “Dat’s gross”.

Here are a couple of pictures from the enjoyable afternoon at the Winger’s.

Lena passed out on Lori’s bed, missing all the fun, as usual.

From the playroom camera, the boys upstairs watching The Lion King, Grant with his shirt off telling Sam that he's the king.

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