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Feb 23, 2010

Catching Up

Below are some pictures of the Cole family happenings for February.

Making pizza with cousin Grant. I had to tell them there was a bird outside the window to get them to get them to look at the camera.

Baby girl sucking on her toes. I don't know why that's so precious, but I love it.

Playdoughing with Daddy. Rich loves being crafty with Sam - it's so sweet. Look at their matching bare feet. Neither of them can stand having socks on.

Sam practicing his reading, showing Lena his toot toot book with the horn that works. She loves her brother, leaning against his shoulder...I love that shot.

Proof that Momma exists...and I had to ask Rich to take this one. Without the few shots of me with them, Sam and Lena are going to look back at all of their pictures some day and wonder where the hell I was.

Lena nestled in the stuffed animal basket. It actually works quite well to keep her propped up and busy at the same time. She sat in there forever.

COSI for Valentine's Day! Sam was playing with a ball suspended in air here.

The kids loved the water area. And, amazingly, both stayed fairly dry.

Rich and Sam in front of the Snot, Snot, Snot exhibit in the Grossology area. It kind of freaked Sam out a little - and grossed us out a lot.

It's been a fun month so far, to be bookended by Lena's baptism this Sunday. Can't believe that's here already...where does the time go?

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