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Feb 20, 2010

Guess Who Peed!

I’m a terrible mother. I have yet to attempt to put my Sam on the potty, as the mere thought of potty training exhausts me. But, could it be, that’s he’s the one telling me he’s ready?

Last night before bed, after Sam had stripped off his own clothes (a new trick he’s mastered – dressing and undressing himself), and during a naked jag around the living room, he exclaimed “Pee?” I was nursing Lena at the time, but I jumped so fast out of that chair and put her into her saucer that she didn’t even have time to protest. In a flash naked-Sam and I were in the bathroom: Sam hovering above the potty doubled in half so he could watch himself go; me with one hand holding his little body up so he wouldn’t fall into the depths of the toilet and, with the other hand, holding his winker southward so he wouldn’t squirt me in my elated face. Just when we both looked at each other, eye-to-eye, grinning, quietly wondering if anything would happen, our wonders were interrupted by the soft tinkle of a few drops of, you guessed it, pee! I cried out, “You PEED, you PEED!” and he just proudly nodded like, “Yeah, I did, didn’t I”. Then, naked-Sam and I danced around the living room in celebration of a new milestone he’s marked, Lena heartily laughing at us all the while.

I tell you, when I heard that tiny tinkle, I started to cry a little. How stupid, right? But behind my jubilation, all I could think was, “It’s going too fast”…

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  1. Not stupid at all. Just be thankful that you are aware of it all. You are breathing the moments in and appreciating them. That's pretty great.

    And you didn't get pee in the face. This, too, is awesome.