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Aug 21, 2013

School Days

Sniff, sniff. 
Sam started kindergarten last week. 

Big boy school...I cannot believe my boy is at the big school every day now.  He seems to love it, has a male teacher who is silly and fun and plays guitar.  I know he'll have a great year.  But seriously, kindergarten??
A few days before he started school, he had to have two teeth pulled.  Two permanent teeth were coming in way behind the baby teeth instead of underneath them and, though we gave it a good month, those baby teeth never loosened up.  So the dentist easily yanked them out and, with the help of some bubblegum-smelling gas and novocaine, Sam never made a peep.  My brave boy.  He wasn't even scared or anxious about it. 
I, on the other hand, was on high alert and completely prepared to take the dentist out at the knees should he hurt my boy in the least.  But the doctor knew what he was doing and Sam never had an ounce of pain.  
That night the tooth fairy visited Sam's room for the first time.  Sam thought the fairy dust she left on his tooth box was pretty cool, as were the two gold dollars she gave him for his teeth.  (I'm glad the tooth fairy doesn't buy into this inflation crap.)
Then there's the whole topic of my baby girl starting preschool in a couple of weeks. 
My baby.  In preschool. 
Ugh.  I can't discuss it yet, though Lena is very ready to go and make new friends and stretch her mad alphabet skills. 
In preparation for her big day (sniff, sniff), I took her to get her very first professional hair cut. Up to now I've always cut it myself, but preschool is a special occasion which demands a special hair cut, right?  She liked sitting in the chair and adored looking at herself in the mirror. 
My sweet girl...

This is not her official first day of school photo, but when Sammy was getting his taken, she of course wanted one too.  She is so beautiful.  And is getting so big...

"....Is this the little girl I carried...."

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