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Aug 23, 2013

End of Summer

Trying to squeeze out a few more fun summer days.

This was last week when the evenings were pretty chilly.  We nearly had the pool to ourselves, thanks to Lori's invite, and though Lena's lips turned blue, she stayed in that water until it was time to go home.  I have to get her in swim lessons next year. 
Freezing more garden harvest...that will be so good in January. 

Sam saved up his money from chores and bought a toy from the dollar store that I refused to buy for him.  A military play set.  Really?  I hate it so much.  But he makes guns out of spoons at breakfast and sticks in our yard and has some Nerf guns, so this is the next step in the boyhood obsession, right?


He softened the blow of my not liking his purchase by treating Lena and I to some frozen goodies from the Good Humor icebox at the checkout counter.  I love dollar stores. 

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