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Aug 10, 2013

Catching Up

Things around our house have been pretty crazy lately. But more on that later.

Due to said craziness, I haven't had much time to devote to blogging, despite many blog-worthy moments.  So what follows is a photo depiction of our super awesome last days summer.

At Rolling Ridge Ranch in Amish country with Mom and Dad, Lori and two of her boys and our two.  (Rich had to work.)  Such a bygone, low key place. No flashing lights or computers or movies or cell phones.  My kids need more of that kind of fun...everybody does, I think.  And boy did they love it!


While in the Amish country, we stopped at a huge store where I bought this awesome new table runner.  Love all the colors so much! 
Next it was an evening at the fair, complete with the Lego village supreme, popcorn and cotton candy, giant slides and rollercoasters, animal barns, flea market barns, people watching and pony rides.  Good times.

More harvest from our garden.  It has been extraordinary this year!

Finally, last night at my company's box at the Clippers game.  We won!  Sam warmed up to it eventually and had lots of fun.  But when we first arrived he was less than enthused, as evidenced by this photo stream. 

Lena, on the other hand, was very enthusiastic about it from the start!  That girl is very in touch with her emotions.  :)

 A lot of fun days and good memories, which are my favorite kind.    

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