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Aug 28, 2013

Lena's 4!

Today my baby girl turns 4 years old.

4 years old...

It seems only a moment ago that we brought her home and Sammy kept poking her and watching her and kissing her.  Creating a bond with her that today is very strong and sure and loving. 

Of course they have their times of rivalry and fighting.  And sometimes we have to remind Sam not to throw her under the bus when they get in trouble, remind Lena to hold his hand in a parking lot, remind them both to share, remind them not to kick each other...:)

We try hard to foster that big brother/little sister relationship of caring for each other, sticking up for each other, watching out for each other, depending on each other...and more times than not it seems to come naturally for them.

A couple weeks ago I was using peroxide to clean a scrape on Sam's leg.  I was blowing on it and soothing him, but he was crying hard.  Into the bathroom shuffles little Lena. She put her tiny hand on his arm and rubbed it and said, "It's okay, Sammy.  It's okay."  Then she started to blow on his scrape too.  My little nurturer. 

The kids were getting dressed for Lena's party on Saturday, and Sam went to brush his teeth while I was working on Lena's hair.  He came skipping back into the room with a sparkling smile and said, "Lena, I put your toothpaste on your toothbrush for you this morning!  I like to do that for you because it's your birthday!" And then right up until the evening grumps settled upon him later that day, he was so sweet to her, doing things for her, being excited with her about all the stuff we were preparing for her party.  I was so proud of him. 

And the laughing these two do together.  I tell you nothing puts a smile on my face quite like hearing my kids making each other laugh in the other room.  Those deep belly laughs that make their legs weak...the most beautiful music to my mommy soul. 

So on this hot and steamy 28th day of August, I'm so thankful to God for our sweet girl.  For the kind and thoughtful little human she's becoming.  For her colorful sense of style and her love of cats and her excitement about even the smallest things and her independence and her sweetness and her beautiful face and even more beautiful soul and her love for her big brother. 

What a blessing she is to everyone who knows her. 

The following are scenes from her beachy birthday party on Saturday.  

Happy birthday, baby girl!  We love you so much it's disgusting. 

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