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Aug 7, 2011

State Fair!

We loaded up the kids and headed to the State Fair Thursday night. It was a beautiful evening to go and we had a great time.

With two little ones, we can't meander about forever, so I hopped online before we went and found a couple of events we wanted to see, places to eat, etc. A bit of preplanning made all the difference. Plus we got lucky with $4 tickets (AAA member night) and had bags of free potato chips thrown at us as soon as we walked in. That's always a good way to start.

Then onto a huge tractor, a couple bahama mamas, a horse drawn wagon competition, pony rides, junk toy shopping, and the Wingers.

Sam was so excited to see Lori and her brood...other than his $4 toy garbage truck (which he was in love with and carried around all night), walking around holding cousin Jack's hand was the highlight of his night.

I would venture to guess that Lena's highlight was the animals. She cried after her first pony ride ended because she didn't want to stop (that's why she got a second ride). She then proceeded to pet and wave to every piglet and cow and horse and sheep and goat we saw.

Lena was all about the fair. She did not want to be in the stroller, choosing to walk almost as much as we did, smiling the whole time. She loved the crowds and noise and activity and animals and food. She's a little social butterfly.

Sam is just more chill. He sits back and takes things in. Much of his evening was spent relaxing in the stroller playing with his garbage truck, but he did find time to eat an entire ice cream cone by himself, ride a pony, pet a few animals, walk around with Jack. He wanted to go on some rides, but he was too small for everything he wanted to try...maybe next year.

Another fun visit to the State Fair. Thanks, Ohio!

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