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Aug 17, 2011

Ordinary Heroes

Do you ever notice how some of our days have themes?

Sometimes it's an I'm dropping everything today theme (one I have a lot). Or an everything is going my way today theme. Or you notice a certain number a hundred times one day or hear the same song everywhere you go another day.

Do you ever have days like that? I do.

And today's theme is heroes.

It started off this morning with a story on the news about Antonio Diaz Chacon who, upon seeing a six year old neighbor girl get thrown into a strange van, hopped into his truck and chased the van while his wife called 911. The van ended up crashing, the child abductor fled, Antonio rescued the little girl and the cops caught the bad guy.

Hero number one.

Then on my way to work there was an accident on the freeway and traffic was creeping by. When my car reached the crash, I saw a few firemen around a car trying to get the driver out. Their hats were all lined up on the trunk, one fireman held the driver's hand while another was cutting the man out. Seeing that firefighter holding that man's hand brought tears to my eyes.

Hero number two.

Just a few yards up the road alongside the freeway I found more lights, this time from a police car. When my car reached that scene, I saw a police officer helping a man change his front tire, mere inches away from cars zooming past them both.

Hero number three.

I so often hear scary stories and witness ugly things. There is so much tragedy and corruption and so many terrible awful people doing terrible awful things in this world. It's easy for me to forget that God is good and that he uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things every moment of every day.

Today was a nice reminder of that - of our everyday heroes.

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