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Aug 28, 2011

Lena's Two!

How, oh how is my sweet baby girl two years old?

She still has her baby cheeks and fat baby feet, but evidence that those last vestiges of her babyness will soon be gone is offered up in every photo of her I see and every day when she says a new word or sings a new song.

I can't keep them from growing up. I know that. But it's hard to watch it go by so fast.

Maybe that's why I am obsessed with appreciating every moment, trying to soak up my kids as much as humanly possible. And why I keep this blog. Sometimes I use it for my mind's endless meanderings, but I really try to use it to document our lives, my kids' lives, so I can remember each moment, where they were, what they said or did, how we celebrated, how blessed we are...

Anyway, enough with the heavy.

This year Lena's birthday theme was COLORFUL! She's a colorful girl, so I thought it would be fun to decorate for her that way.

Rich's parents came down for the weekend too, which was so awesome. And so helpful. Thanks, Grammy and Papa Cole!

Party details (thanks to pinterest again for all the ideas!):
  • I made a 4 layer rainbow cake, which I have to say I'm pretty proud of.
  • We found the most adorable fabric at JoAnn's for the tablecloth and ribbons for the chairs.
  • I made Martha Stewart's tissue paper pompoms to hang around;
  • Rainbow goodie bags with Twizzlers and chocolate gold coins; and
  • Rainbow pudding pops.
  • The food was brunch fare, because Lena's favorite meal is breakfast. So we made lemon cranberry scones;
  • Individual cheesy egg puffs in muffin cups;
  • A delicious ham;
  • Rainbow fruit kabobs; and
  • Served milk, orange juice and lemonade in glass frappuccino bottles.
It was a perfect party with loved ones all around. Lena loved having everyone at her house, loves playing with all her new girly toys, and is the happiest two year old in town!

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