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Apr 19, 2010

Our Dad

Visualizing God up there looking down at us as a father who adores his children helps me assimilate bad news, which has unfortunately hit some friends lately. I figure that God’s reactions to what goes on in his children’s lives are the same as any loving parent’s…

  • his heart breaks when we’re in pain;
  • he brims with joy when we make right and good decisions;
  • he feels proud when we love and help each other;
  • he feels frustration when we continually mess up;
  • he never leaves our side when we’re sick;
  • he walks with us when we’re sad or struggling;
  • he laughs when we’re silly;
  • he comforts us when we’re afraid; and
  • he can make good come from bad situations.

It might not explain why or how something happened or change what has happened, but it helps. He helps. Because he is fiercely strong and faithful, unconditionally loving, and infinitely empathetic. Because he’s a dad, a parent. And that’s what parents do.

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