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Apr 20, 2010

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad

Today is my parents' 41st wedding anniversary! They're still going strong, loving each other, living the life that they've built together for 41 years.

Think about that - 41 years. And it's not just the years that are so impressive, although they are. It's their marriage, their love for each other, which has not only endured the years, but has thrived through them with jobs and moves and kids and accidents and birthdays and surgeries and new jobs and holidays and hospitals stays and vacations and band concerts and church groups and college funds and house renovations and graduations and friends and family and ups and downs. They are an inspiration in this world of fast food relationships and drive through divorces.

If it weren't for them meeting in high school all those years ago, the handsome science nerd and the beautiful chorus girl gazing at each other from across the stage of Delaware Hayes' production of "Oklahoma"; Sam and Lena and Dylan and Jack and Grant wouldn't be here, wouldn't have all these opportunities, wouldn't have the wonderful lives I'm sure they will lead, wouldn't have the families that they will have somewhere down the road...

Thanks, Mom and Dad, for loving each other so well and showing us what it means to truly have a wonderful life!

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