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Apr 6, 2010

Easter: Part 2

I love Easter. It's my second favorite holiday after Christmas. All of the trees budding and grass greening and birds chirping - spring springing. And celebrating Jesus's sacrifice and his return to his father, to his home, with my family at my home makes it the most special occasion.

What fun we had coloring eggs, eating gross amounts of amazing food, laughing, discovering the treasures the Easter bunny left, playing, Easter egg hunting, singing hallelujahs at church...yeah, I love Easter.

Humm, which basket shall I dig into first?

Here comes Peter Cottontail...

As good as it gets with four boys before church...

Trying to hold them back long enough to get a shot before they tore into the superbly hidden Easter eggs.

Sleeping beauty.

Sweet boy.

Aunt Rori.

Happy Easter, Daddy.

Papa and the bunny.

Cuddling with Grammy on the back porch.

Arrrgghh...Happy Easter!

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