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Jul 1, 2013

The Year Was 1993...

And we were all 18 years old and young and stupid and wild eyed to bust out and start living our lives.  Or maybe that was just me. 

Fast forward 20 years.  Some of us 1993 grads (missing those who couldn't make it) gathered at Kim's house for our 20th high school reunion, all a little older, a little wiser, but not one worse for the wear. 

We've all done a lot of living here and there and everywhere.  City life and country life and life in places around the world.  With stories about kids and friends and jobs and hard times and parents and love and fishing and school and fun.  I recall a long debate about chickens and eggs, as well as a survival story involving an alligator.  

I also vaguely remember drinking a lot of wine...vaguely...

It was so good to see everyone who could come, visit with these people who are part of my past.  Every single face sent floods of memories rushing at me.  So many good times, so many days and years spent with these old friends, so many stupid and fun and serious and heavy moments, some good decisions I've always been proud of, a few hurtful mistakes I've always felt remorse over, so much love and much wrapped up in these people and this time when we were all coming of age.

Being with them all on Saturday made me so happy.  Seriously.  I wasn't expecting that, but there it was all the same.   

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  1. Oh said it all so well. I was so excited for the day to come and now I'm left overjoyed with happiness that it has gone. So much time has passed but I think you will agree it felt like not one day had passed. We all hugged and talked like we didn't skip a beat. I had almost forgotten just how close and full of friendships our class really was. It would have been great to see each and everyone but so thankful for the ones that could make it. The best part for me was to just scan the room and see the laughing and deep conversations among everyone catching up. Nothing can beat the roar of a full belly giggle!!! The Big man has really blessed us all and I am so thankful for this day we had to share. ~ Jody Johnson Croft