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Jul 23, 2013

Forcing Fun

Why are my children crying about jumping on our trampoline?

"Why are you making us do this?", Sammy just cried as he sulked in to our backyard. 


I tell you why I'm forcing them to play on our super awesome trampoline.  They (Sam particularly) have been suffering from pent up energy with the rain keeping them confined to the indoors. They're like a couple of caged wild animals.  I'm not exaggerating.  Last night, for instance, Sam was spinning around in circles, laughing maniacally, and then proceeded to run himself into every wall in our living room.  It was like some kind of fenced in beast trying to find a weak spot in the perimeter. 

So obviously, any spare rain-free moment we have I make them go outside to burn off some energy.  It's either that or I'm dropping them off at Goodwill. 

I think forcing fun is the better option.


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