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Jul 11, 2013

Shark Teeth

Don't judge.
Tuesday was Sam's very first visit to the dentist.  I know, he's 5 1/2.  I know he's starting kindergarten in a couple months.  But it is what it is.  There was no specific reason I hadn't taken him yet.  Just never really thought about it.  Maybe there was a little denial going on that he is actually big enough to need to go.  Maybe. 
Regardless, last week we saw a permanent tooth peeking out...behind his baby tooth, which was absolutely not loose.  And then it's neighbor joined in a couple days later.  So now Sam has two rows of teeth along his bottom jaw.  
Shark teeth. 
Sam thinks it's cool to have shark teeth.  Well, it is kind of cool.  But the dentist said if those two little baby teeth in front don't loosen up in a week or so, we'll have to have them pulled out so his big teeth can get in the correct position.  Eek.  I absolutely don't want that to happen.  Neither does the dentist.  So he showed Sam how to work on those stubborn baby teeth with his tongue to try to loosen them up.  And they're a little looser today...a little. 
Here's my big boy Sam at the dentist.  He was, as usual, good as gold.  Even through the x-rays.  There were TV's playing cartoons on the wall and ceiling, so that helped.  And I'm happy to report that Sam has healthy teeth, no cavities and good spacing, except those pesky shark teeth.

I asked on the way out when I should schedule Lena for her first visit and they said, hey, we have an opening now.  So my baby girl had her first dentist visit right then and there.  Now Lena worried me a bit.  She's much more dramatic than Sammy and I had visions of her tantruming and crying and screaming. 
But that little girl was as relaxed as she could be.  Just look at her.  They didn't do x-rays on her since she's so little, but they did everything else.  And I'm also proud to report that she has healthy teeth with no cavities and perfect spacing and alignment.  
Way to go Lena's teeth!

My babies are growing up so fast... 


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