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Aug 9, 2012

One Crazy Summer

My kids have been driving me to the absolute edge this summer.  The heat must bring out the crazy in them.  But they have also been undeniably adorable and sweet and smart. 

Sam's speech is nearly at age level and we're almost done with speech class!  Hooray!  He has begun storytelling, which I can't express how much I love.  Every morning we talk about his dreams in detail and they are about as mind blowing as my own usually are.  Space walks and aliens and tornadoes and gorillas in his room swinging from the shelves...his imagination is a fertile and wonderful place.  He also narrates everything that is happening or has happened, i.e. our conversation this morning about the weather. 

Standing at the backdoor watching the rain stream down the window...
Sam: "It's raining, Mommy."
Me: "Yes, I see."
Sam: "Thundering too."
Me: "Yes, I hear."
Sam: "That weather yady (lady...we're still working on L's) on TV said it will rain all day today!"
Me: "Oh, she did?  Well, it looks like she was right."
Sam: "Yeah, that yady is always right."

And Lena, that sweet little thing, has been a potty training champion.  I think we're close to finished if she could only master #2.  She has also been a mocking bird, repeating everything everyone says (with none of Sam's speech hangups, thank goodness) and has become very interested in her colors and ABC's.  In fact she's been incessantly singing her ABC's.  Dad took a video while we were in Newcomerstown last weekend and, while it's not her best attempt, it's about the cutest thing going.

So their sweetness outweighs their least today.  

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