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Aug 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Lena!

Lena is three years old today.  Three!

What?  When?  Where have three years gone? 

I don't know if it's because I'm an older parent of toddlers or if it's just a parent thing in general, but the days seem to tick by faster with each one that passes.  Even through the blur of passing time, though, I can vividly remember my days at the hospital when Lena was born (and for those of you who are familiar with my ever failing memory, that is a feat). 

How sweet Lena's tiny little sigh sounded when she came out, until we found out she was sighing because she couldn't breathe.  Her oxygen levels were low and they took her away from me to try to help her.  They finally brought her to me after a few hours, wanting to try one last thing before taking her to the NICU - letting me nurse her.  At that point I still wasn't allowed to sit up after my c-section, so they propped her tiny little body up beside mine.  She sat there like a little beanbag rag doll sighing her tiny sigh and struggling.  Then she latched on for dear life, nursed like a 6 month old baby and immediately stopped sighing.  All she needed was her momma...why don't they always try that first, I wonder? 

So with all those precious memories swirling around in my mind today, I'm posting the photos from today and from her tiny themed 3rd birthday party, which we had on Saturday.   She's still a tiny little thing - hasn't changed much physically since her 2nd birthday party photos, really.  But in a year's time she's grown so much mentally.  She's become a talkative, singing, temper tantrum throwing, opinionated, sweet 3 year old girl who is generous with her kisses and melts my heart when she asks me to hold her or kiss her boo boo.

Happy birthday, my sweet baby girl!

From this morning, when Sam and I sang her happy birthday.
We had lunch with Rich downtown.  She insisted on wearing her new ballerina dress and ballet's her birthday, so I let her.

I mean, could they be any sweeter?

I made all the decorations and food for her tiny party.  It was a lot of work, but turned out great!
Tiny tissue pompoms over the table with tiny flower vases and a tiny kitty cat tablecloth (the girl loves cats.  What's a mom to do?).

We served tiny cupcakes, mini oreos, mini M&M's, mini townhouse crackers, mini mints, baby carrots, tiny caramel apples, little smokies wrapped in crescent rolls, tiny grilled cheese sandwiches, tiny dixie cups filled with lemonade.
The favors were mini M&M's (covered with scrapbook paper and a thank you note) with a tiny toy on top.

Tiny pennant garland made with scrapbook paper and my very first hot glue gun...what took me so long to buy one of those?  It is my new favorite thing.

Tiny party hats also made from scrapbook paper and hot glue.
Checking out her new vanity...she and Sam both love that thing!

Chillin in the basement coloring our craft, eating lunch and watching Tinkerbell.

Fairy and monster shrinky dinks as a craft.

Singing happy birthday with a tiny cupcake. 

Thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate Lena's special day. 
Happy birthday!

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